Jazz Library is a digital collection aiming to provide an online “all about” of the Greek Jazz Scene.

It covers a period from the 1960’s until today and it consists of the Albums and the “who is who” of the Artists from Greece, Cyprus and other countries that have created them.

Jazz music has appeared in Greece since the 1920s and has already completed a whole century of cultural heritage. The discography of the Greek jazz scene is very rich and in the last decades there is a very dynamic scene that is constantly fueled with new artists. At the same time, new venues for live music and festivals are appearing throughout the country.

Many magazines, interviews, articles and radio shows feature the Greek jazz scene. What is more, the level of education has been upgraded, both with the Department of Improvised Music of the Ionian University and with the various music schools and conservatories.

Nevertheless, up to now, there was no website to gather the scattered and incomplete information about the journey of improvised music in Greece. We felt the necessity for a “digital center” for all the jazz aficionados where they would look up to master their knowledge and obtain news and information. Also for the journalists, the researchers and the teachers, who would like to use complete and valid data for their cultural work. Finally, a “digital information center” for everyone to have fun searching and learning more about jazz music in Greece.

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